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Traditional healer drmamaalphah for all traditional healing for love, lost love, money & disease removal. Traditional healing uses medicinal plants & rituals associated with certain objects such as charms, bones & amulets to heal life. Find love, prevent financial disaster, restore your finances, cleanse your home and business with traditional healing ceremonies.

drmamaalphah uses traditional divination & medium communication to assist clients in understanding any situation & healing the problem areas in your life using traditional healing by focusing healing energy & seeking the assistance of the deities to remove the problem.

Strengthen your spirit & be one with the natural laws of the universe. Seek the counsel of the gods through traditional divination by drmamaalphah for holistic healing of the body, mind & soul. Restore the balance in your life with the help of the spiritual energies of drmamaalphah who will use his spiritual gifts to give you guidance, healing & inspiration

Traditional healers have a central role in the lives of people as they have the ability to use their spiritual powers to influence real world events. An estimated 80% of South African consult traditional healers for various things affecting their lives. Let the divine prayers of drmamaalphah the traditional healer overcome the challenges in your life.

Find traditional love spells, traditional lost love spells, traditional protection spells, traditional money spells, traditional protection spells, traditional witchcraft spells, traditional psychic healing & traditional revenge spells

For one to one traditional healing session with traditional healer drmamaalphah to consult the ancestral spirits for answers to your problems call +27 630716312 or you can also communicate with drmamaalphah using email at nativespellcaster@gmail.com



Because it can bring about horrendous times for the person to whom the Witchcraft is directed, please do not request this unless it is absolutely necessary.

Please use the following as a guide.

Request only if:· Someone’s evil is "intentionally" standing in the way of your life path, preventing you from achieving success and happiness.

· Someone with evil intentions has vowed to destroy you, whether it be by their direct or indirect actions.

· Someone is jealous of you and wants you to suffer emotionally, financially or otherwise.

· Someone is out to get you and it is only a matter of time before they get their wish, thus leaving you no choice but to act first.

If any or all of the above sounds familiar, this could be your opportunity to make things right, to try and put your life back on its rightful course, and to try and get even with the one who have done you wrong.


Traditional psychic healing to know & understand the future. Insight with traditional psychic healing into your love life, about financial matters & on your health. Find balance & channel positive energy into your life. Psychic readings for love, money & good fortune.

Recognize their pure and luminous nature with the help of psychic healing of drmamaalpha. Spiritual energy healing & energy correction. Accurate psychic readings on many topics from love psychic readings, financial psychic readings & health psychic readings. drmamaalpha will use his powers to heal people at a personal level.

drmamaalpha is here to guide you spiritually to help you master your problems. Grow spiritually & experience the liberation of your spirit. My appreciation of the interconnection of things in the spiritual world enables drmamaalphah  to offer holistic psychic healing

Get answers to your life's problems. Find the direction you will chart your life. Let drmamaalpha guide you thought the spiritual journey of restoration. Are you having problems with your finances? Do you want to bring back a ex-lover? Are you having marriage problems? Are you confused about events in your life? Are you having problems making up your mind? Do you want to know the honest truth?

For one to one traditional healing session with traditional healer drmamaalphah to consult the ancestral spirits for answers to your problems call +27630716312 or you can also communicate with drmamaalphah using email : drmamaalpha@gmail.com


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